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I do mobile (iOS & Android) and web development - programming both client and server side - since 1995 (admittedly with some gaps in time :-)

I have used a lot of technology, but in 2008 I decided to just stick with the fine tools I discovered way back in the mid-nineties: JavaScript and Python. No regrets. Although these days I don't leave home without my CoffeeScript, Grunt, Backbone.js and of course jQuery/Zepto.js.

I like hands-on programming, yet I also care about process quality very much.The agile approach usually suits me best, even it means the team needs to work a little harder to keep things going forward.

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Technische ervaring

  • HTML5 (Android/iOS + desktop), PhoneGap/Cordova: 3 jaar, zeer goed;
  • JavaScript: 18 jaar, uitstekend; CoffeeScript: 2 jaar, uitstekend; jQuery: 6 jaar, uitstekend
  • HTML, CSS inclusief LESS, SASS/SCSS: 10 jaar, zeer goed
  • Python: 18 jaar, uitstekend; Django: 6 jaar, uitstekend
  • XML, XSLT, XPath: 8 jaar, uitstekend
  • Unix Shell scripting: 20 jaar, uitstekend
  • Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine: 4 jaar, zeer goed
  • Apache web server: 20 jaar, zeer goed
  • TCP/IP Internet programming: 20 jaar, goed